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by Pierantonio Cinzano


Books about light pollution available on-line:

The Proceedings of the Convention "Light Pollution and the Protection of the Night Environment - Venice: let's save the night"  are collected in a book of 356 pages, edited by  Pierantonio Cinzano and published by the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute (ISTIL) with the support of UNESCO-ROSTE. The book reviews the many aspects of light pollution with a simple language through contributions of authors of international relevance:  the importance of stargazing to man throughout the centuries, the situation of the night sky in Europe and Italy, ecological consequences of artificial night lighting, teaching light pollution at school, technical measures for an effective limitation of its effects, controlling light pollution in Eastern Europe and much more. Available on-line.

Inquinamento luminoso e protezione del cielo notturno is a book of 230 pages, published in 1997 by the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venezia, Italy and written in Italian by Pierantonio Cinzano. It contains many data tables, figures and photometries of good fixtures available in Italy, formulas, calculations on light pollution  propagation, units translations, project suggestions, and much more.   Available on-line (in Italian) Rough translation in English by Google.

Measuring and modelling light pollution is the title of a  book of 280 pages in English language, edited by Pierantonio Cinzano and published in 2000 by the Italian Astronomical Society (tel.055 2752270). It collect 25 research papers from the main people of the field. Available on-line. Also available on ADS.

The ISTIL Report 2001 on Stato del cielo notturno e Inquinamento luminoso in Italia published (in Italian) by the Light Pollution Science and Tecnology Institute (ISTIL) collects many data on Italy based on satellite measurements: maps of the night sky brightness, stellar visibility, loss of magnitude, a large statistic on the situation of the night sky in the Italian regions and provinces and the capability of population to perceive the Universe. In Italian with English abstract and captions of maps and tables. Available on-line.

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