Roadpollution  history


Version beta 1.6.2


-Larger arrays to store photometry of projectors with 1 degree samples.

-The name of the input photometry file now can be up to 20 characters long.

-Manufacturer and luminaire names now written entirely.


Version beta 1.6.1


- Photometric efficacy now is referred both to maintained and initial luminance

- TI: Right/Left replaced with observer 1 /observer 2

- User Manual added Italian language


Version beta 1.6


- added luminaire inclination and related photometry rotation

- option to calculate only the rotation of the photometry

- added photometric efficacy

- corrected input of Eulumdat files with symmetry 2 and 3

- added warning for incomplete gamma coverage of the photometry

- revised format of the Report

- added customizable header

- added energetic efficacies and lamp efficacy from lamp wattage

- added switch for extended output (files for 3D plot) in file extend.txt

- revised input window

- added maximum intensity per unit luminaire flux

- corrected "direction dependent parameters" from "per unit lamp flux" to "per unit luminaire flux"

- added intensity per unit luminaire flux to output files

- corrected negative fluctuations of interpolated photometry for small intensities

- written user manual

- added choice of computational grids following main standard rules and customizable ones

- revised the output files limiting result to significant figures

- glare indexes now are calculated for "initial state"

- added hemispherical and vertical illuminance

- revised tables format

- revised and clarified angles definitions in computational routines

- set to zero the luminance coefficients when gamma is larger than 85 degrees to avoid arbitrary extrapolation

- revised road upward flux calculation, now computations for C2 agree with computations for aged asphalt

- small correction accounting for deviation from lambertian reflection added in road upward flux calculation

- slightly revised the model for 3D plot of road upward intensity

- improved calculations in some parts


Version 1.5

- main revision to windows format


Version 1.0

- original command line version


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