Inquinamento luminoso in Italia
Light Pollution in Italy

by Pierantonio Cinzano

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References on Light Pollution
and Related Fields

Pierantonio Cinzano

On-line version 2.1.4 updated August 9, 2001

Internal Report No.11, November 5, 1993 (version 2: August 4, 1994) Dipartimento di Astronomia dell'UniversitÓ, Vicolo dell'Osservatorio 5, I-35100 Padova, Italy

Summary: In Part A of this bibliography I present a list of more than 400 references of papers on Light Pollution appeared on international scientific magazines and other publications of interest on this field. I list in Part B some books and papers on related fields which may be usefull for people working on Light Pollution. I collect in Part C a list of first articles (48) published on Italian newspapers and magazines and devoted to the general public or amateurs astronomers. Part D contain a preliminary list of more than 130 papers about the effect of light pollution on the natural environment, the animals, the vegetables and the man. The lists will be updated periodically. 

I analyzed the distribution in time of papers and publications included in the Reference List - Part A of version 2 (August 4, 1994). In the period 1968-1992, the mean number of entries for year, averaged over five years, shows a positive derivative increasing with the time and it is well expressed by an exponential function of the time.

The users of this document are kindly requested to acknowledge the use of this document.

For more references about space debris and electromagnetic pollution have a look to the Bibliography for Light Pollution, Radio Interference and Space Debris of the American Astronomical Society .

For more recent references of italian popularization on light pollution have a look to the site of  the Italian organization CieloBuio.

If want to contribute to this list or make any correction, please mail to: Pierantonio Cinzano ( Please do not ask for copies or reprint of the referenced papers because we are not organized to offer this service. Please ask them directly to the authors or to the editors.

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