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Persons, agencies or representatives of agencies that support financially, or in other way, the activities of the Institute can be nominated Fellow of the Institute. They are enrolled in the Golden Book of the supporters of the Institute and can participate to the plenary sessions and to specific initiatives organized for them, even if they are not members of the Institute. The nomination of the Fellow, properly motivated, is proposed by the President or the Director and need to be approved from the Council.


The Institute can have a number of external, Italian or foreign consultants, with specific and proved competences in specific fields of the study of the light pollution or in other fields of interest for the Institute. Particularly deserving researchers of clear reputation can be appointed Honorary Consultants. Consultants are not members of the Institute.

Honorary Consultants

Prof. Salvatore Furia, Centro Geofisico Prealpino, Cittadella delle Scienze e della Natura, Novara.


avv. Mario Di Sora, Osservatorio Astronomico di CampoCatino, Presidente International Dark-Sky Association - Italia

ing. Diego Bonata, Presidente Associazione Cielobuio


We are indebted to Dr. Francesco Cinzano of Farmacia alla Madonna in Thiene for his support.


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